31 July 2006 - By S.P Scheepers

"I wish to confirm that I placed my daughter Sylvanna at this school when she was 14 months old, in August 2001. I moved to the South of Johannesburg in April 2004 and battled the traffic for over a year and a half before I decided to move her to a school closer to home in January this year. Under Tracy's care Sylvanna has grown and developed into a confident, well balanced and happy child. She was recognized as an individual, was encouraged to learn at her own pace and as a result has shown remarkable numeracy and literacy for a child of her age. She took part in all the extra murals offered which she looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed. The environment is warm, healthy, child friendly and hygienic. I would highly recommend placing your child there."

27 June 2011 - By Tebogo Mallula

"My daughter was enrolled at Tracy's for 2 yrs and she really loved to be there. Tracy has instilled confidence, sense of belonging, attention to detail, the love for animals and respect for nature into my daughter. She gave her the best foundation for her preschooling and it all shows as she excels in all she does in big school."

5 February 2012 - By Lavina Perumal

"My daughter, Chloe Perumal, started her first preschool with Tracy at the Sunninghill Preschool. Tracy, thank you for your warmth and friendliness that was given to Chloe. As she moved on to primary school, she is still reminded of how she was first thought. Thanks again for a wonderful service."

27 June 2014 - By Candice Oberto

"I enrolled my daughter at Tracy's school in 2012 and we have been exceptionally happy with the school since. Tracy fosters a peaceful nurturing environment where children thrive and develop their natural abilities. All the children receive hands-on focused love and care and my daughter absolutely looks forward to each school day spent learning and playing with her friends. I love that the environment respects and celebrates all wonderful differences in the people of our colourful and beautiful country and my daughter has formed strong relationships with her friends across all age groups. She is a confident happy little girl who has developed very fast and who learnt to count and write her name (by learning her alphabet) all before she just recently turned 4 years old. I look forward to her remaining time with Tracy until she goes to 'big school.'"

27th June 2014 - By Kate Michalaro

My little girl started at Sunninghill School at 20 months and loved it from the word go. She has been a pupil for 2 1/2 years and has developed into a bubbly, confident little girl who can already write numbers and is starting with ABCs - not even 4. Tracy is devoted to the children and believes in a wholesome, natural environment that is intimate and nurturing. The school is always impeccably clean and I love that kids are encouraged to be outdoors. It is a lovely little school that hasnt been commercialised or deviated from what children need at this age.

30 October 2014 - By Cathy Knipe

" I have sent 3 children to Tracy where after they moved on to primary school. They benefited hugely from the small and intimate environment provided. Highly recommended."

4 March 2015 - By Dianne & Steven Bornman

"I, Dianne Bornman, went through a stringent process to select a crèche or playschool which best suited our child. We wanted someone who would love our child and have the best interest of our child at heart. We selected Tracy at Sunninghill Preschool ( Montessori) because she best suited our requirements and has our son Joshua's best interests at heart. Sunninghill Preschool is a small loving school which is every child's dream school while away from their parents during the day."

12 March 2015 - By Phenyo & Marco Busanello

"For our daughter we were looking for a "whole child" method school with a teacher with experience and passion. It was amazing that after only a few weeks under Tracy's mentorship Aria has grown and shown happiness when at school and she has already gained a level of confidence that is visible in a way she relates to other people as well. The other schools that she has attended before are stark in contrast. Nothing is perfect for every child but Tracy's teaching and environment comes close."

6th October 2015 - By Jedda Constantine

Finding safe, caring and nurturing day care for our one-year old son was a big concern when recently moving to South Africa. I was returning to work for the first time since having him, and was not prepared to leave him just anywhere or with just anyone. We looked at many nursery facilities around Sandton, but none was the right fit. Finding Tracy and the Sunninghill Montessori Pre-School and Crechè has been an absolute blessing. It Provides precisely the kind of calm, intimate, carefree and creative environment we had hoped for. Our son is delighted to arrive every morning and thrives on the interaction with other children of all ages. He is more sociable than ever, has developed in leaps and bounds, and is becoming an independent little person in his own right. Tracy and her team provide nothing but the utmost individual care and attention, while offering the kind of relaxed atmosphere that gives children the confidence to be themselves and, importantly, enjoy themselves. Working for the United Nations, our family travels frequently. We can only hope to find the same sort of love and support for our son in our next home.”

29 August 2016 - By Candis Beachen

Dear Tracy, I want to thank you for everything you have done for Blake in the time he has been with you, he has shown great love for you and the little friends he has made, and has shown massive growth in his personality and learning while with you guys. You are wonderful caregivers who really have the passion for children that one should have, and I applaud you in the work that you do. Thank you again so much, and wish you all the very best.

7 December 2016 - Cy’s mommy

Dear Tracey, This very short letter is just a way to say thank you for becoming a big part of Cy’s life and helping her become the confident little person she is now. We all hope that we do the best for our little ones and hope even more the people we introduce to them will try to love and care for them as much as we do. I will remain very grateful and have the utmost respect for you for the role you played in my little one’s education. It became myself and Cy’s daily routine to discuss what she did at school and had for lunch and how she feels and I have become proud of her because I picked up on the new words she has learned, rules, stories, puzzles she build and how she interacted with her friends. She enjoyed going to school and there were very few occasions that she did not want to go back to school but that was because she stayed at home with me, I am very excited about her future because of the foundation you laid. A very big THANK YOU for being there for my child when I needed to go to work. I have been trying to find the right gift that would express my gratitude as a parent to my child’s teacher and nothing much came up but then I remembered the stories about your horse and I made a donation on behalf of you to the HIGHVELD HORSE CARE UNIT. Best wishes for the holiday season and prosperous 2017! Sincerely, Cy’s mommy